Nominate for a Prize

Research studies nominated for Ostryakov Prize

Research studies are nominated for Ostryakov Prize by the company’s research and development, and academic boards. The significance of the study should be objectively estimated.

The team nominated for the Prize should only include leading authors. The team should not exceed six authors. Persons performing administrative and organizational functions should not be included.


The following documents should be presented to the Academy Presidium when nominating the study for Ostryakov Prize:

  1. Extract from the academic or R&D meeting minutes with the decision on nominating the study for the Prize.
  2. Authors’ information:
    • company,
    • position,
    • academic degree (academic rank),
    • passport data,
    • contacts.
  3. Characteristic of the nominees’ contribution.
  4. The list of the nominees’ research studies.

The documents should be presented before June 30 of the even year.

The studies nominated for Ostryakov Prize are sent to the Academy Presidium.

Contacts of Academy Presidium

Mail address: Russia, 197046, St. Petersburg, Malaya Posadskaya ul. 30
Phone: +7 (812) 499-83-02, +7 (812) 499-78-38
Fax: +7 (812) 232-33-76